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Sculpt your Arms with an Arm Lift

Do you exercise regularly, eat responsibly, and still have flabby upper arms? Have you lost weight recently to find that you love your slender new figure but dislike your sagging, droopy upper arms? If you answered yes to these questions, then arm lift surgery (or brachioplasty) might be right for you!Arm lift is a

The Skinny on Tummy Tuck

Aging, being overweight, pregnancy, and obesity can stretch out muscles that underlie and support the organs in the abdomen, permanently changing the shape of the stomach and softening the elasticity of the skin on your abdomen. In some cases, the stretched muscles and skin can result in a pouch-like bulge or even a hanging apron of skin that cannot be corrected with diet and exercise.

Understanding Blepharoplasty: What you Need to Know about Eyelid Surgery

What is eyelid surgery? Also known as blepharophasty, eyelid surgery is a common procedure that can correct drooping baggy upper eyelids and lower eyelids. It is an effective technique to remove and tighten excess, sagging skin, remove fat that causes puffiness under the eyes, and tighten drooping muscles to restore eyes to a youthful, fresh alert look.After

Breast Reduction for Comfort and Confidence

If you have very large breasts, you know they can be uncomfortable. You might have experienced shoulder, back, and neck pain from having your breasts pull on your bra straps. You also might have difficulty finding clothes that fit well and look attractive on you. Some women with very large breasts suggest they are embarrassed to be seen in a bathing suit or other body-conscious

The Importance of Breast Reconstruction

If you have had surgery to remove part or all of one or both breasts secondary to cancer, you may be a candidate for breast reconstruction surgery to restore the shape and size of your breasts.Recent advances in surgical techniques and procedures allow plastic surgeons to recreate breasts that feel and look natural.Although no one elects to have a mastectomy, it can be reassuring to